Cruz Norwegian Forest Cats
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Cruz Afrodite (Ditte)
Born:    29 August 2001
Sex: Female
Colour: Red smoke
Sire: EC Blue Royal Flash Ambrosius Bror
Dam: Blue Royal Flash 
Diva Dorte
Breeder: Ina M°ller
Mother of: The D-litter, the F-litter
Show results:
Champion, 3 x BIV, 1 x NOM
Afrodite is called Ditte.
Ditte has a large fur, which requires a comb almost every day. We have kept her from our first litter because she resembles her father, who we have always thought is an extraordinarily dashing fellow. Ditte takes part in everything - also computer work - and she is always moving at full speed. She is very spoilt by us and her motehr and uncle. At one show the judge said that she wanted to take Ditte home. Ditte is a real charmer.