Cruz Norwegian Forest Cats
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PR Blue Royal Flash Dengse Drengen (Sofus)
Premier, 2 x BIV, 5 x NOM
Born: 23 March 2000
Sex: Male neuter
Colour: Black mackerel tabby and white
EMS: NFO n 09 23
Sire: EC Floresta Leao's Mico
Dam: Starkad's Ditte Skarnst°s
Breeder: Hanne og J°rgen Hempel
Show results:
Premier, 2 x BIV, 5 x NOM

Hobby exhibition 2000:
Best top


Dengse Drengen is called Sofus. 
Sofus has a very thick fur and a perfectly straight profile. He is very affectionate and loves to be stroked. When we have guests, he always wants to get confirmed how lovely he is. Sofus plays a lot with Ditte, and when they lie together, she is thoroughly washed.